Revival Treasures



Trapped within the vicious whirlwind of contrarian voices to the gospel of Christ, many dwellers of the earth tend to interrogate their once-held faith in the vicarious sacrifice and gospel of Jesus Christ. Revival Treasures is an inspirational work of the Holy Spirit, which opens the curtain into the drag of intractable lusts upon the soul of the modern man, who is being pressed on all sides by the pressure to succeed, which means different things to different people. With the speedy and addictive world system threatening to dislodge many from the Way of Christ in which they once walked joyfully and contentedly, Revival Treasures presents in patient details the science of Christ, the gospel of Christ, his salvation architecture, the identity and DNA of the Christian, painting in clear relief contemporary doctrinal abuses, errors and heresies. In the book is discussed subjects of interest to the Church of Christ such as love, required ethics in divine ministry, church growth, love and personal responsibility, examining the content of the preacher’s message, faith and spiritual warfare, praying that gets the ears of God, purpose, predestination and human responsibility, vision field, vision cultivation, harvesting vision, structural visioning, power of opportunity, power of character, the four-dimensional WISH key, among tens of themes covered in the book.
In Revival Treasures, the Spirit of God speaks to us all, speaks to our questions, speaks to our anger and hurt, speaks to our confusion, and utters soothing corrections, even rebukes, because he loves us. He who made you engages with you in this book. He who is God’s child will recognize the voice of God. A stranger, will they not follow. The Spirit of God is the Spirit of prophesy; by him revival is born.
When the fainted spirit is restored to vigour, the person is revived. When flagging faith in God springs back to life, the person is revived. When a hurt soul, with a resulting unforgiving spirit, receives the comforting elixir of God’s Word, and the hurt is healed, and grace to forgive, without any remnants of pain and grief, is imparted to the soul, revival has come to the soul. When the lust-inducing corruption in the human soul has been replaced with godliness or surrender and contentment, revival has taken root. When love for one another has been restored, revival has been poured out on men. When appetite for God’s Word has been enlarged, and hope has replaced despond, the sunshine of revival has engulfed man. Revival is a process. Revival Treasures is written to drive the process.


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